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Maximising land value with flexible options

You can be sound in the knowledge that we are motivated to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will explore the most profitable option for your land, whilst helping you achieve your financial goals. Depending on your individual circumstances and the unique characteristics of your land, we will explore several options with you, we’ll agree on the most ideal route to market. Whatever the direction we decide together, you can know that we’re on hand as your partners to look after the whole process.  

A team that is highly motivated. Strategic Land Promotion at its best. 

The experienced team at Evolve Land have made the process of releasing the full potential of your land. Simple. It’s a complicated process to get to the stage of releasing the value to you, but we are on hand to take the complicated out of the equation. We have the expertise, vision and a strategic understanding of the systems which will help to release the highest level of value possible for your land. 

We make it easy. 5 simple steps to reaching the worth of your land. 


Get in touch with us today to tell us about your land and goals


We then agree a strategic project plan for the successful potential of your assests 


We meet with you after assessing and researching the full potential of your land


We then lead the process of obtaining planning permission – all at our expense. No risk to you 


We take the entire project to a conclusion and you receive the maximum financial return for your land

[ Choosing your route

What route you decide is best, you will have a dedicated point of contact throughout our partnership, which means you can be involved in as much or as little of the process as you wish. 

[ Your possible routes to your land value release

Promotion Agreement

An agreement which details an obligation to promote your land for planning at fully our risk. Possibly providing the marketing and sale of the land. You, as the landowner are relying on our expertise. The size of the promotion fee will depend on the level of risk involved in obtaining planning and is usually a percentage of the sale price/market value. Where there is a sale, the promotion fee will be paid out of the sale proceeds and the promoter’s costs will normally be reimbursed too.

Planning Partnership

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Outright Purchase

The developer or land buyer, agrees to purchase the land at market price or an agreed sum. They must pay in full without using finance, before taking ownership of the land.

Option Agreements

An Option Agreement, is an agreement between a land owner and a developer. The developer is given the opportunity to purchase the land once planning has been granted (normally at market price or an agreed sum). The developer puts forward the planning application at no cost to the land owner. If the developer is Satisfied with the planning outcome they can choose to purchase the land.

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